Mpowered Digital classs/ Virtual Class
  • All Subjects including languages (samacheer syllabus) from class LKG- X STD
  • In times of lockdown teachers can conduct virtual classes from home / school.
  • Explanation,Video, Voices, Images, MCQ and Exercise Question for all subjects
  • Virtual classroom explanation by your teacher on points possible.
  • All the problems in MATHS worked out.
  • Flash cards for Maths and English Grammer
  • Multiple tests and evaluation can be conducted digitally by your teachers.
  • Self Revision/ Tests possible by students at home.
  • No need for Tuition /Guides for students.
  • Video, Audio, Image, messaging to students and teacher at no extra cost.
  • Attendace,Timetable, Homework, Circular at no extra cost.

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